Adult Sunday School Classes

9:30 a.m. Sunday mornings


Biblical Revelation

Location:     Fellowship Hall   (NE corner)

Format:        Lecture and discussion

Facilitator:  Bob Pearson


This class seeks to provide Holy Spirit led teaching that gives fresh revelation of God’s truth through His Word. Our goal is to attract and host God’s presence, know Him better, and make Him known.  Our passion, through our study together, is to be conformed to the image of Christ in our daily lives.  

Doing Life Together

Location:     Fellowship Hall   (NW corner)

Format:        Discussion

Facilitator:  Jim Geisler


The class spends time in prayer and studies Scripture; reading, discussing, and studying God's Word  All in a concerted effort to grow our faith and understand our Bible.  Currently studying "End Times" using material of Dr. David Jeremiah

Biblical Revelation

Location:     "Escape" Room (Lower Level)

Format:        Topical lecture and discussion

Facilitator:  Kelly Carroll


We discuss current events and social topics from a Christian worldview.  We have looked at topics such as the cults, Islam, happiness, finances, forgiveness, etc.  Our goal is to take information and turn it into knowledge, then to wisdom.  We are very family/kid friendly. 

Senior Adult Bible Study

Location:     Church Library

Format:        Discussion

Facilitator:  Don Petroff, Wayne Nelson, Jack Bilderback


Church 101

Location:     Lower Level - Room 8

Format:        Discussion

Facilitator:  David Winterholler