Quilts of Love - a Ministry of Dorcas Circle


Our Dorcas Circle meets monthly at the church and works throughout the week at home lovingly assembling and praying over handmade quilts.  These quilts are given to retirement homes and to the Pregnancy Resource Center .  



This past Sunday, November 23rd, the quilts were displayed throughout our church services and were prayed over, as they will be given away later this month.  Dr. Shane Kinnison, Senior Pastor, called forward many of those responsible for making these quilts and all of the quilts were prayed for.  The prayer was that those receiving the quilts would not only be warmed by the blanket itself, but be warmed by the love of those who gave their time, talent and energy to create the quilt and that they would especially experience the Love of Jesus.  


Check out this slide show of pictures.  


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