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If the weather outside is frightful ...

here is our church's

"Inclement Weather Plan"


  • The Property Committee will initiate a plan to clear the sidewalks leading to the church doors. (Please note: Parking lot may not be clear and could potentially have ice and/or snow.)

  • For those of you who are on our all church email list, please check your email for messages.  You can also check our website and Facebook page.

  • Please check local news stations for a listing of church closures and/or delays.

  • Most importantly use your own best judgment.  If you don’t feel safe driving, please stay home.




  • The church office will follow the “call” of the Gresham-Barlow School District.  If they are closed, the office will be closed.  If they have a delayed opening, the church office will do the same.

  • Please note: If the office is closed, the doors will be locked and you will not be able to get into the church.

  • Please understand that all employees may not be able to make it into the office even when the office is open.  If you have an appointment, please call to confirm before coming to the church.

  • Check with Committee Chairpersons regarding scheduled meetings.  Cancellations of meetings and/or events may also be sent over email.

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