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First Baptist Church of Gresham | 224 W. Powell Blvd. | Gresham, OR   97030

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There will be a link at the bottom of this page directing you to the form that must be completed and submitted to the church office.  Before filling out the attached form, please read the information below.  


  • Advance Booking - (Nights/Weekends) Non-church sponsored activities are not booked more than six months in advance.  (Days) Non-church sponsored activitiers are not booked more than one year in advance.

  • I accept the responsibility of making all arrangements during normal office hourse for use of building and equipment.  I also agree to make sure that the church is in the same condition it was found, including placement of tables, chairs, etc.  If not left in good condition, I will pay additional custodial or repair costs over and above the space-use fee.

  • I understand that no smoking, use of drugs, or consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed on church property.

  • All children under the age of eighteen years old must be supervised at all times by an adult.

  • The space-use fees do not include supplies and equipment.  Supplies in kitchen, Sunday School rooms and other rooms are not part of space use fee as they are for the ministries of our congregation.  Groups not sponsored by our church need to bring their own supplies (i.e. paper, tape, scissors, staplers, blue, dry-erase markers, food items, etc.)  Office supplies and copy stores are nearby.

  • Lock-up and lights out for this function is the responsibility of the function leader.  For security reasons, the church doors should not be kept unlocked or opened unless the function leader is there as the people come in .  Once the event begins, the doors should be locked.

  • The maximum number of people allowed in the Fellowship Hall by the Fire Marshal is 95

  • Sanctuary use:  You may use the piano in the Sanctuary.  However, there is a tuning fee of $90 to be paid in advance if the piano is moved up/down the stage.  The moving of the piano must be done by the church.  Please inform the church office in advance if you want the piano moved.  The use of the sound booth and audio visual equipment is not included in this agreement.  If you need use of them, an arrangement must be made with our sound booth operator.  A fee of $50 is to be paid directly to the operator.

  • Due to limited custodial service, please take out your food garbage to the dumpster in the parking lot after your event.


Space-use fee will be determined by Property Ministry.  Cash down payment is due to confirm date on church calendar. Balance due 2 weeks prior to date of event.


If all is agreeable, please complete the information on the attached form, and the church office will contact you in a few days to finalize the agreement and/or get more information.   You will also be given a checklist to have with you on the day of your use of the facility to help guide you in remembering some of the details above.



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