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Regarding the VOTE for Senior Pastor

Special Business Meeting

Sunday, March 18, 2018 after service


Only active members* can vote.


Candidate’s Sermon - IF you are unable to be at church on March 11th, the sermon will be available immediately following the service on our website,


Absentee Ballot - IF you are a church member and know that you will be unable to vote on the 18th, you may pick up a ballot at the church office during office hours the week prior to the vote. The office staff will have a list of active members and will check off your name once you’ve picked up the ballot.  Absentee ballots must be received by NOON on the 18th in order to be included in the count. 

*A member of FBCG is one who has met with the pastor regarding membership and is voted upon by the Church Board.  A member receives a certificate of membership at a church service. If you are not sure of your status, please contact the church office.


An active member is one who “regularly and consistently participates and contributes to the ministries of the Church”.  If you are unsure as to your status, please contact the church office.

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