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The day began very early, crossing the city of Athens and heading up to the Acropolis. We passed the Olympic Stadium and the temple of Zeus on our way. It's difficult to begin to describe the Acropolis, named this because it's a high point of the city, upon which is the Parthenon, a temple built to honor the Greek Goddess, Athena. This was built in the 5th century B.C., and contained not only the Parthenon, but several other temples for their gods. But for us, as Christians, it's most significant role was that being the site where Paul chose to preach to the city council. Some of us enjoyed hearing the words of Paul from Acts 17 while sitting upon Mars Hill.

Then we boarded our bus for the one hour trip southwest to the ancient city of Corinth. This is the old city, where Paul lived and worked for over a year. As is recorded throughout the book of Acts, Paul was committed to spreading the Good News. It was in Corinth where Paul went before Gallio, the governor, and faced accusations and Gallio dismissed them. (Acts 18) That site upon which this occurred remains and is under reconstruction.

Below is a picture of our team at the Temple of Apollos in Ancient Corinth, built in 5th century B.C.

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